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Long live the Pericardium !

Introduction of The Practice

Life is energy in movement 

The universe, although very complex, is in fact very simple. Much simpler than we think. 

Everything is energy.

And life is that same energy in movement, the one that makes trees grow, the one that animates our bodies. Every cell of every libing being beats tot he sound of this subtil respiration, that reveals itself to our touch with our mere attention. Every organ, bone, and muscle dances to the rythm of this smooth music.

The secret of health and peace resides in this primary respiratory movement. 

Because energy, although extraordinarly complex, is also very simple. It works on opposite poles. Expansion and retraction. Balance and imbalance. Health and illness.  Love and fear.

At the practice we help you recover this balance so oftenly fragile. We put our feeling and experience at your body and your soul's disposition, because they are inseparable parts of the human tissue to recover the natural wellbeing, in a very smooth and conscient way.

Our mission is also extremely complex but at the end pretty basic: 

To guide you, with the heart and the hands, so we can together walk the path of happiness and health.