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Long live the Pericardium !

Initiation to the Liberation of the Pericardium: program


Since the beginning of our history, the hand has been the first instrument the human being has used to cure himself, to discover and to "feel".

As hu-man beings that we are, we well know the importance of the touch in our developement and in our evolution.

The generalized use of technical means, most of all the ones used in the medical world, have numbed our hands' potencial, making them loose a lot of their possibilities.

In spite of everything, the hands keep the memory of their natural gift and capacity that we all have, even if we aren't conscient of it.

Hands are there, always at our disposition.

The aim of this course is to make us rediscover the possibilities of our hands, to wake up and develop their perceptions and reconnect them to our heart, to our sensitivity and our awareness.

That allow us to "feel" in another way the LIFE that vibrates in us, through us and around us.

This course is addressed to everyone that wants to experience LIFE with their hands, to have another point of vue of It.

          TO BE/SER -  TO BE BORN/NACER  (na.ser ) - TO KNOW/CONOCER  (co.nacer)  -  TO RECOGNIZE/RECONOCER

It is time to REMEMBER/RE.COR.DAR who we are and wake up the divine SPIRIT in us and in all living beings. 

To remember, means  to reconnect with what the heart gives. 

 -       What is LIFE?

-       How does it work?

-       Who are we?

-       What is our purpose on this world?


  • Discovering the movement of Life, respecting and accompanying it in its liberation. 
  • Learning to focus and to take root. 
  • Familiarizing ourselves with the dance of LIFE through the touch, distinguishing the parameters that characterize it: direction, amplitude, order and rythm. 
  • Feel it in the body of the other person, locally and globally. 
  • Feelingthe body going from the globallity to the "injured"  or restriction mobility zone, where the Life is bloqued. 
  • Once "the lesion" is localized, we harmonize it locally and globally.
  • Feeling Life flowing, in its Expansion. 
  • Feeling the impact of the "magic words" energy on our cells. 


Front door of the emotions, its importance on our Health.

Point of encounter of the Body, Soul and Spirit.

Clear notions of our three essences. 

Who is who and what is each one's purpose. 

  • Anatomy and Neurophysiology of the Pericardium.
  • Its energetic and spiritual importance. 
  • Feel, respect, accompany and release it. 

Protocole of global treatment, at EVERYONE's reach

  • Physique, squeletic muscle, visceral, hormonal, metabolic.
  • Emotional, energetic and spiritual.

 montserrat y pascal of the happy Pericardium