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Long live the Pericardium !

Deepening course of the Pericardium's Liberation : program




-       To see again and integrate the parameters of LIFE: direction, amplitude, order and rythm. 

-       To liberate LIFE in us and in all living beings, with our hands, our attention and « magic » words.

-       To experience the energetic power of WORDS.

-       To integrate our three essences: Body, Soul and Spirit.

-       Deepening, through the feeling, of the anatomical relationships of the Pericardium: with the craneum, the spine and the organs.

-       Treatment of the brain and the Central Nrevous System. 

-       The importance of the body unrollment.

-       Global treatment of the mouth « Magical Dentist ».

-       Energetical Surgery.

-       Liberation of the limitating inscriptions in our DNA.

-       To cure burns, herpes, fractures, insects bites, etc. with our hands. 

-       Long distance treatments.

-       Integration of the family into the treatment protocole, for the energetical understanding of the constellations. 

-       Connection and communication with nature, plants, rocks and animals. 

-       Practice, and integration of the protocole. 


                                 LIBERATE THE HAPPINESS IN US AND IN EVERYONE ELSE!

The deepening courses variate and adapt themselves to the participants' groups. Every course is unique.

We, as everyone else, also get surprised by the novelties that might appear. 

The list that we have presented is just a possibility of the experiences that we could live, and in no case is a strist scenario to follow.


                                                          Montserrat y Pascal